About The Show

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The National Cool Climate Wine Show receives entries from all Australian cool climate wine producing regions and provides world class feedback for producers to compare their offerings.

The Wine Show attracts considerable publicity and support from the wine industry, media and public.

In 2018, the National Cool Climate Wine Show will be held from 16-19th October.


How does one assess all the complex qualities of a wine, and then reduce this experience into a numerical rating against which other wines can be compared and evaluated? This conundrum has puzzled wine judges and tasters for many years, and although it is generally conceded that no system is perfect, the Australian Wine Show scorecard system has now been almost universally accepted for wine shows in this country.

This approach to wine appraisal scores a wine out of twenty and is often referred to as the 3/7/10 system. It is essentially similar to a method developed at the Roseworthy Agricultural College Faculty of Oenology. It allows a knowledgeable judge to score a wine with considerable precision by allocating points separately to desirable features and to faults. The 20 point scale is divided into appearance (clarity and colour) 3 points, nose (aroma and bouquet) 7 points and palate (flavour) 10 points. With three judges awarding points, the scores are then totalled and divided by 3 to reflect the average.

The medals for the Wine Show are awarded according to the judges’ score as follows:
Gold Medal 18.5 to 20.0 points
Silver Medal 17.0 to 18.4 points
Bronze Medal 15.5 to 16.9 points


Patron: Ron Camplin, OAM HonDA CSturt
Chairman: Garry Baxter
Secretary: Felicity Baines
Head Steward: Mark Haley
Committee Members:  Tony Hatch, Mark Renzaglia, Llewellyn Jones, Michelle Kerr, Mark Galbraith, Andrew McArthur, Lee Baxter.